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KGF booking is the official authorized booking service for the construction company KGF from Croatia, specialized in building luxury villas, palaces, castles and elite villages. You can find a sample of KGF’s solutions on this website. Floor plans and designs in full detail are kept in KGF’s archives and aren’t shown to anyone because of security purposes. KGF is prepared to start working in any part of the world (Dubai, Katar, Montenegro, China, Brasil, Croatia, Russia, Germany, South African Republic…) and guarantees that no one else in the world is capable of copying any of their ideas or projects within the same price range. Every KGF product is unique and irrepeateble and conforms to the standards and desires by the most demanding clients used to royal standards of living. The construction process involves exclusively authentic natural materials, and the financial plan is ideal for all investors. Check out what we have to offer, our photo gallery, and don’t hesitate to contact us in order to book your own project.


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